This is the blog section for Stop. Look. Shoot. Here you’ll find photos that are not posted on the main blog. However, just because they aren’t posted on the main blog, it doesn’t mean they are not worth seeing. There’s usually a story behind the photos. See for yourself.

The Brown-Warren Debate, October 1, 2012

I attended the Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren debate held at the University of Lowell on October 1 of this year. David Gregory, the moderator, chose a “Meet the Press” style for the debate. Unfortunately for Gregory, he chose to open the evening by bringing up Senator-Elect Warren’s Native American ancestry. This gave Scott Brown the opportunity to go on the attack, in spite of the fact that more than 60% of the people polled in Massachusetts considered the subject a non-issue. It wasted a full 18 minutes, stealing valuable time that could have been used to address the real issues of concern to the voters. As a result, many media outlets named Gregory the “loser” of this particular debate.

A Crisis Close to Home

About two-thirty one morning, we woke to the barking of our dog, Tito. We couldn’t figure out what was going on, so we just admonished him and told him to quiet down. After we’d gone back to bed, he started barking again. It was then that we saw the red and blue lights flashing on our bedroom wall. We knew something was up. When we finally put our coats on and got outside, we saw what Tito was barking at. A young kid apparently did not realize how dangerous the curve of our street is, and clearly wedged his car in between a telephone pole and a huge natural rock wall at the end of our driveway.  Outside our house was an ambulance, three police cars and a fire engine. The firefighters could not get the victim out of the car through the doors, so we watched while they removed the roof of his car and took him out. Below are some of the photos I managed to get.